PTS, as one of the largest distributors of stainless steel fasteners in Europe, have a very large stock range of chipboard screws. All are available to buy here now.

Chipboard screws (also known as particleboard screws) are essentially self tapping with a thin shaft and very coarse thread to enable them to screw into particle board and softwood normally without tapping a pilot hole. They are being used more and more in place of wood screws within Europe.

Chipboard is made from wood by-products that are glued together and treated under enormous pressure to make it strong and durable. Applications for use include shelving, furniture, inner layers of doors and counter tops. To improve appearance, the chipboard is very often covered with another material such as a veneer or laminate. Chipboard screws are ideal to join chipboard flooring to regular wood joists and can be also used to fasten hinges and other components to chipboard furniture.

Our extensive range, from No.4 gauge (3.0mm) to No.14 gauge (6.0mm) not only offers Torx and Pozi head styles but also a full thread or part thread option depending on the application. We stock many ranges in not only A2 stainless but also A4 where extra corrosion resistance is required.

If you can't see the stainless steel fasteners you need online then one of our sales team will be happy to assist. Please call us on +44 (0) 1342 410758 or email us at