Precision Technology Supplies, as one of the largest distributors of stainless steel fasteners in Europe, have an extensive stock range of knurled fasteners. All are available to buy now online.

Knurled nuts use a straight line or diamond shaped knurled finish in place of hexagonal sides. This design allows the nut to be tightened and loosened by hand without the aid of a wrench. They are typically used in electrical components, musical instruments and in automobiles. Sometimes referred to as thumb nuts, these fasteners are primarily used on smaller bolts because they can be easily turned and the proper torque applied by gripping the rough knurled surface around their perimeter between the thumb and forefinger. Knurling works well for wet or oil-covered surfaces and so knurled nuts are ideal for use on adjustable mechanisms such as fishing reels and carburettors where water and petroleum products frequently come into contact with the components.

PTS stock a range of thumb screws in metric from M3 diameter to M10 with both plain and slotted head styles. Working in a similar way to the nuts, they negate the use of a wrench, screwdriver or spanner and should not generally be used for high torque applications.

We also have the facility to manufacture knurled nuts and screws down to M2 diameter on short delivery lead times. If you can't see the fasteners you need online, we may still be able to assist. Call us on +44 (0) 1342 410758 or email us at