PTS offer a large, and growing, range of high quality security nuts and screws.

Security screws generally have a specific drive design incorporated into the head of the screw, requiring a specially designed drive bit for removal. A regular screwdriver is unable to loosen a security screw, hence these types of tamper resistant bolts and nuts are often used in public restrooms as well as schools, prisons and playgrounds where the threat of vandalism is higher.

Our stock range includes the well known types of security screws such as Pin Torx (also known as resistorx) which are suitable for high torque applications, Pin Hex which are available for medium torque applications and 2Hole (also known as pig nose or snake eye screws) which are designed for low to medium torque applications. These come in countersunk or pan head styles and are available as self tapping screws or machine screws. The range starts at just M3 diameter for machine screws or 2.9mm (No.4) for tappers.

Other types of security bolts and security nuts available include TorxPlus, which is a 5Lobe drive rather than 6Lobe, oval head machine screws, scroll nuts, shear nuts, shear bolts and armour rings which are ideal for securing existing nuts and hexagon headed fasteners. Contact us for details.

We also have a limited but growing range of Imperial size security fasteners online. If you can't see the nuts and bolts you need online then please call us on +44 (0) 1342 410758 or email us at