Hexagon socket drive set screws can be found under the Socket Screws product category.

Precision Technology Supplies, as one of the largest distributors of nuts and bolts in Europe, have a comprehensive stock range of slotted grubscrews in Metric to DIN specifications starting at just M1.2 diameter. They are essentially headless set screws, normally fully threaded, that are used to secure an object within or against another object, such as securing a pulley or gear to a shaft.

They are also often used where recessed screws are necessary for aesthetic reasons such as where they fasten wall joints together, or for security purposes so that they cannot be easily unscrewed. Another benefit is that where the entire length of a grub screw is encased in the material that it is fastening, with no leading or trailing edge exposed, it makes it more corrosion-resistant than traditional screws.

Headless screws are usually manufactured with a hexagon socket (allen) drive but we also offer a wide range of slotted screws as an alternative with various point types that have different properties that engineers can utilize.

A set screw cone point would be suitable where a detent has been used to ensure the correct nesting of the screw. A flat point screw would be ideal where the screw needs to press perfectly against a surface. The most common type of set screw is still the cup point because, although only the rim of the cup point is in contact with the surface area, it does not have very high stress at one point like that of a cone point, thus offering superior resistance to wear and tear whilst maintaining a strong grip.

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