Precision Technology Supplies Ltd, as one of the largest importers and distributors of nuts, bolts and washers in Europe, have huge stocks of Stainless Steel Washers on both Metric to DIN, ISO and AFNOR standards and American ASME and SAE specifications. All are available to buy today online.

Washers are usually flat and used essentially to distribute the load of a screw, bolt or nut and to prevent damage to the surface.

Still the most popular in Europe are Metric Form A Flat Washers to DIN 125A. The thinner Form B version are manufactured to the old British Standard BS 4320 but most other Metric washers are now manufactured to DIN and ISO standards. Penny Washers (also known as Mudguard Washers or Fender Washers in the USA), with their larger outer diameter are ideal to spread the load further for thin sheet metal or to make a connection where the hole has been enlarged through wear and tear.

Shim Washers are wafer thin flat washers used for precision spacing of parts, mainly with Shoulder Screws, in industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Electronics, Robotics and linear motion applications. PTS has the largest Stainless Steel range on offer in Europe.

We stock many different types of Spring Washers of which the most popular is a Spring Lock Washer to DIN 127B or ASME B18.21.1. These are circular rings split at a single point and bent into a helical shape. This maintains a spring force to create friction and resistance to rotation and are not generally used with a flat washer. Tooth Lock Washers, also known as Serrated Washers or Star Washers, have serrations either internally or externally. These bite into the bearing surface and are especially effective on soft materials such as plastic or aluminium.

PTS also have Europe’s largest stock range of American SAE and 800 Series standard washers which we have been supplying to both European distributors and OEM’s worldwide since 1988.

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