How to search


Our new predictive FactFinder ™ search facility is very quick and flexible. Please choose the correct language that you are searching in from the drop down menu at the top of the page.


The main search box recognises Text, PTS Part number, many other fasteners companies part numbers and all Internationally recognised specification numbers such as DIN, ISO, BS, NFE, UNI, ASME etc.


Example searches:

M3 X 20 ISO 14581 A2,  M5 Washers A2,   DIN 934 A4 M10,   1/4 UNC Nuts,   X 60 Bolt A2,   M3.5 Socket,   ISO 7093 M5,   M1.6 Machine Screws,   6-32 Phillips,   91828A251,   1241494,   BN655 M3X12,   M12 BS4320 b,   51080080001


Try and be as specific as possible. Then, if needed, use the search filters to dynamically refine the search results.