Precision Technology Supplies Ltd are one of the largest distributors of stainless steel screws in Europe and have a comprehensive stock range of Self Drilling screws in various head styles. All are available to by here online.


Self Drillers (also known as Tek screws) drill their own pilot hole and should not be confused with self tapping screws, which need a pre-drilled pilot hole. The drill bit flute penetrates the sheet metal before the threads start to engage. They are very popular as roofing screws or cladding screws, especially when coupled with a sealing washer and should be used for sheet metal not thicker than 2mm only. They do not work well with wood (except for specially designed parts with reaming wings on the drill tips to provide clearance).


The length of the drill bit flute determines the thickness of the metal that can be drilled. The flutes provides a channel for chip removal during the drilling process. The unthreaded section from the point to the first thread should be long enough to ensure the drilling action is complete before the first thread engages the drilled metal. As the screw threads advance at a rate several times faster than the drill flute can remove metal, all drilling therefore should be completed before threads begin to form. Our standard stock generally features a drill flute in the range of 3-5mm.


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