Q, Can I replace 8.8 grade and 10.9 grade steel fasteners with BUMAX?
A, Yes, BUMAX 88 & 109 are the only real stainless alternatives to carbon steel as we guarantee the same UTS and Yield as the carbon steel grades.

Q, Can I get something stronger than 10.9?
A, Yes, we can supply stainless fasteners to order with strengths of up to Grade 17.9! These are called BUMAX ULTRA and are the strongest stainless bolts in the world.

Q, Does BUMAX have better corrosion resistance than regular A4/316?
A, Yes, due to it's specific chemical composition, BUMAX has a minimum PRE value of more than 25.7 meaning it is safe to be used in a marine environment for 10 years, regular A4/316 is usually not...

Q, Will BUMAX Gall like regular stainless steel?
A, No risk of Galling, All our nuts come with a high quality wax, and our threads are of a very high quality which reduces the possibility of galling.

Q, Where is BUMAX made?
A, BUMAX is 100% produced in Sweden within the EU.

Q, Where does the material come from?
A, The material comes from Sweden and has a specific made to order composition.

Q, Is BUMAX fully traceable?
A, Yes, BUMAX can be traced back to the mill.

Q, Are 3.1, mill certs and PPAP's available?
A, 3.1 and mill certs are available on request of purchase, PPAP's when made to order.

Q, Does BUMAX 88 & 109 have good fatigue resistance?
A, Yes, Extensive fatigue testing of Bumax 88 shows superior fatigue resistance compared to standard A4-80 due to the higher yield strength, lower inclusion content and better surface properties. More information about fatigue resistance and S-N curves can be sent on request.

BUMAX® 109 (10.9 Grade) is the strongest A4/316 stainless fasteners on the market. Same material as BUMAX® 88 but with a higher tensile strength. BUMAX® 109 is also coated with a light wax to provide a consistent co-efficient of friction and high clamp loads.


BUMAX®88 and 109


Quality through cold forming which produces a fine grain flow in the critical areas around the fillet radius and wall thickness. Raw material is sourced in Sweden to our exacting specifications. So use BUMAX in all your critical applications for superior performance and consistency without compromise.